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I’m a girl from a notorious area called Pienaar kaMsogwaba a place where no one could ever thought stars would shine, (LOOK AT ME NOW) I’m part of the stars that Msogwaba has ever produced, U KNOW WHON THEY ARE! Being in radio has opened my eyes a lot, now I’m exposed to a lot of things and now I know that being on the lime light is not about the good things only. People will say what they want to say about you but, it’s up to you to prove them wrong or right. Now I can stand and MC in front of thousands of people and talk to them, motivate them. The most interesting thing that I can say is, I’ve learned to do things for myself, I’m not pleasing anyone about my life but I want to leave a legacy for my generation. Currently I’m a growing DJ and I’m still on fire. Building a brand cannot be overnight; hence I say I’m still going to surprise a lot of people. People must just watch this space, I’m on the right track and I’m going to make my listeners proud.  

As a young person I realised that without a dream and a strong belief system you are nothing! My biggest dream was to be a TV presenter but now since I’m on radio I can see that really what I wanted was radio it’s just that when you are still a child you don’t make informed decisions.

I’m so passionate about things that touch young people that is why on my show I have introduced a 15min youth empowerment feature where I interview a group/individual to come and share what they are doing in their different communities that is helping to stop/decrease crime, HIV and AIDS, teenage pregnancy etc.

So far I have received positive response from the groups that been in my show. I make it part of my job to go and visit the groups during their practise and encourage them. Savuka Cultural group, One of the groups that have been on my show has asked me to go with them to Germany next year June where they will be showcasing the traditional dance,pantsula , drama and art. To make fundraising for this trip I have teamed up with DJnooh a friend of mine who is a female DJ. We will be going around Mpumalanga doing a “Pantsula Explosion” till next year may! Each and every month end we do an event to fundraise.

Working on radio has opened my eyes in a way that every time when I sit down I think of how I’m going to help my brothers and sisters who are lacking courage, that has made me to have a very strong belief system that I have created for myself. I told myself that I need to look at life in a broader perspective and not focus on one thing only.

I’m very vibrant and I believe that I’m a Lady of many talents, I’m still climbing the corporate ladder and I want to be a very big and respected business Women. When I try to do something and I fail I don’t sit back and cry but instead I rise above my trouble and go back again until I get it right.

I’ve been called to many schools to come and motivate the students about life and their future, that made me to realise that i also need to aim higher and not to be hesitant to embrace change. Now I’m a motivational speaker, MC, DJ and I have my own slot in one of the biggest radio stations and i must say, I love working for radio LigwalagwalaFM. I’m open for bookings on any of the above and I’m also a social butterfly I’m always on the net, I’m on FB www.facebook.com/khaya.angel, Twitter Khaya_Angel. I love music and I believe that music is life....INJALO LENTFO



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