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Shakes Nkuna known to his listeners ‘’the culture boffin as well as Mr. fond of tradition.

He is 42 years old, born Giyane 35 years ago grew up in a rural area Nkomazi Municipality Mpumalanga South Africa (Mzinti)

He joined the Mpumalanga’s best leading radio station, Ligwalagwala FM in 2002 where he currently host the show once a week ‘’SIDLA NGALOLUDZALA’’ which was known back then ‘’UMUNTFU NENKHOLO YAKHE’.

He is one of the first young cultural man who took the African religion to another level, his effort has contributed a lot in increasing the listenership of Ligwalagwala FM and he influenced young and old people to love culture and tradition.

He is a young cultural activist who is on a mission to reconcile the then and now. Very knowledgeable about cultural issues and their relevance to today’s world.

  • Appeal: young Adults & Adults.
  • Shakes “The culture boffin(Lucwaningo lwesintfu)
  • Shakes “the fond of tradition ngitsandza kukholelwa esintfwini”

Media Coverage

He appeared in various media coverage, notably the print media:

  • Mpumalanga News
  • Sowentan
  • Daily sunn

Reason being that when it comes to cultural matters journalist used to enquire.



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