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Ligwalagwala Fm is a SiSwati Radio Station broadcasting for the citizens of the country and abroad for those streaming live on the internet we entertain...Inform and educate-says Sihlabane Ndzinisa

Fanie “Sihlabane” Ndzinisa was born in Emjindini Township in Barberton, he fell in love with radio at an early age and he started at high school to imitate Radio Presenters who were big at that time and saw himself persuing a career in Radio when he grew up

Growing up in a busy township it’s a challenge on its own as most young people are faced with different challenges(Peer pressure and social challenges to fit in) despite all those difficulties Sihlabane made sure he doesn’t get influenced by wrong friend and miss  out on the opportunity of achieving his dream of becoming a Radio Presenter –Sihlabane love his job as a Radio Presenter and the quality time he spends with his listeners on and off air, he communicate with millions of people using his voice and he make sure he accommodates all of them.

After completing his Matric he didn’t look back...he enrolled for different courses in Radio broadcasting and that led him to be part of the consortium that established Barberton Community Radio (BCR FM) in the mid 90’s, he was one of the most favourite personalities on BCR and his Talent went unnoticed because after five years he got an opportunity to join Ligwalagwala Fm (national Radio Station)

Sihlabane describes Ligwalagwala Fm as his second home and his colleagues as siblings-he enjoys working with them and sharing idea on how to execute his show and educate his listeners –working with a team that is inspired by the listeners help him to pick himself up every time his down because his listeners relay on him to entertain, educate and inform them

Sihlabane is not only a Radio Presenter on Ligwalagwala Fm but apart from that his a DJ who enjoys playing music to entertain his fans and spend time with them off air, he played in numerous events where he shared the stage with Judith Sephuma and Afrotraction,Fistazz Mixwell,Romeo the DJ Glen Lewis, Eddie Zondi just to name a few- lots of listeners love and enjoy the sound of his voice on radio Sihlabane’s future dream is to help his community at Mjindini to  establish  Art and Culture Centre where young people will get a chance to express their talent and explore the arts industry because he believe there’s lots of talent to be natured in townships and he would like to see young people facing their daily challenges and use all the opportunities provided to them to their advantage-Sihlabane currently presents Sakhasive(Special Edition-Fridays at 19h00-21h00) and Ayigugi lengoma(Soul Ballads)-Sundays at 09h00-12h00



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