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The show plays golden oldies music and artists profiles

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Sihlabane describes Ligwalagwala Fm as his second home and his colleagues as siblings-he enjoys working with them and sharing idea on how to execute his show and educate his listeners –working with a team that is inspired by the listeners help him to pick himself up every time his down because his listeners relay on him to entertain, educate and inform them

Sihlabane is not only a Radio Presenter on Ligwalagwala Fm but apart from that his a DJ who enjoys playing music to entertain his fans and spend time with them off air, he played in numerous events where he shared the stage with Judith Sephuma and Afrotraction,Fistazz Mixwell,Romeo the DJ Glen Lewis, Eddie Zondi just to name a few- lots of listeners love and enjoy the sound of his voice on radio Sihlabane’s future dream is to help his community

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