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Date: Feb 22, 2018

Is it possible for Parents to love their children equally

Is it possible for Parents to love their children equally?

We  are still celebrating Love month and it is important to encourage people to show and share love. On this show we want to discuss a topic that is sensitive to the youth that grew up in an environment where they felt they are not loved enough or treated equally by parents as compared to their siblings. Parents try hard to treat each of their children fairly and consistently but eventually have to admit that they don’t love them all equally. Families with multiple siblings find themselves in a constant struggle to divide their attention and affection equally among their children. By doing so, many parents find they are setting themselves up for failure. The variety of personalities and other factors can make equality of love an impossible task.Lots of young people on Social media shared their experiences that their biological parents didn’t treat them well during their upbringing because they showed favouritism towards their siblings. The main objective f the show is to assist young people who experiences unfair treatment at home while assisting new parents to observe the way they treat their children now to avoid such in the future.


  • Favorites – No matter how hard they try not to parents will eventually find themselves picking favourites among their children. This can be a result of behaviour or personality differences beyond anyone’s control.
  • Every child is different – Each child is born with their own unique personality so it’s impossible to treat them all equally. Even identical twins are different from each other in behaviour and abilities.
  • More in common – Parents tend to gravitate to the child they have the most in common with so that could affect the relationships with their children. A father that loves sports just won’t feel the same affection for his bookworm son as he does the more active sibling.
  • Conflicting personalities – Often times a child and parent have such conflicting personalities that loving him or her is difficult. It’s hard to love someone that you really don’t like very much even if it is your own child.
  • Natural selection – There is a theory that a parent’s preference for the child most like themselves is a product of natural selection. Some believe people have the animal instinct that promotes survival of the fittest and this is biologically programmed in humans.
  • Kids make it difficult – Some kids just make it difficult for their parents to love them equally. The child that is constantly whining or causing trouble really tries the patience of parents and can make it difficult for them to show affection.

Even though it’s difficult for parents to love each of their children equally it is a goal that they should strive for. Children who feel they are unloved or receive less affection can become emotionally scarred over time. Parents need to realize that relationships with their children are an ever-changing process and they treat their children differently because they are different. Dealing with that reality is what makes effective parenting a challenge. Parents may not always love their children equally, but they should always try to treat them fairly.


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