Solidarity Fund

Date: Apr 24, 2020

ThatsSolidarity Campaign

Today, the SABC launched a partnership with the Solidarity Fund, calling for all South Africans to participate in this fundraising initiative which will ultimately assist the country in dealing with the unprecedented challenge of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

In line with our public mandate, we have deemed it necessary to embark on a four-week campaign, to mobilise South Africans to play their part in supporting the work of the Solidarity Fund and to combat the COVID-19 global pandemic, with effect from today. In the  next four  weeks  our  platforms will be actively promoting this cause  and  rallying  the  public  to participate and support  this  worthy cause.As an employee of the SABC, we urge you to heed the call to serve in a fight against the coronavirus pandemic and its unintended consequences, by reaching out and giving a helping hand with your donations to the Covid-19 solidarity fund. To donate go to:

In the  next four  weeks  we  will bring  you regular  updates of how  the Solidarity Fund is deploying the  funds  raised to support communities  in need across the country.

We  look forward  to colleagues’ generous support of the  Solidarity Fund.

We are a nation united, in fight of our lives.  #ThatsSolidarity


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