Date: Jun 17, 2021


1.  I have registered for DTT but I have not received any feedback yet; what should I do?

The subsidized installations are sequenced according to the provincial switch off appearing in the ASO schedule above. For provinces FS, NC and NW – this is the 1st phase currently in execution through the subsidized installations. For the rest LP, MP, EC, KZN and GP, these will be later from September 2021 through a retail voucher given to the applicant to redeem from participating retailers.


2.  My antenna fell of the wall after strong winds, what should I do?

These are a set of old bad legacy installations that are being addressed by Sentech after their new appointment as the installation management company. User encouraged to leave details at Post Office or if possible, via the Sentech Whatsapp line. The information will be relayed to Sentech installation management team for redress.


3.  My STB displays “invalid service” or “not a South African network” error message; what should I do?


For the “not a South African network”, please remove power cable, wait 10 seconds and reconnect. The decoder will initiate a new scan and update its connection with the network. If the message reappear, please alert the Call Centre about your location so that the Sentech Network Section can rectify the matter at the transmitter end.

For the “invalid service”, this occurs when a user selects an encrypted channel broadcast from Mnet and only receivable via Mnet GoTV DTT decoders. The Mnet GoTV decoders can also receive all other DTT channels from the free to air bouquet, however these decoders attract a monthly subscription fee. The viewer must be alerted about this important fact if they want to access the encrypted Mnet channels.


4.  When is the switch-off date?

Please check the ASO schedule in this FAQ above. The schedule will be periodically updated


5.  My remote control is not working even after changing the batteries; what should I do?

We have notified USAASA to contact the original manufacturers to supply spare sets of remotes and power supplies for sale at Post Offices. No new information is available yet but we will follow up.


6.  My STB does not function anymore; how can I get a new one?

Get to the Post Office branch to check if you qualify for a warranty exchange if there is a hardware fault with the decoder.

It may also be possible that the consumer has been installed with a DTT decoder in an area that does not have reliable terrestrial coverage – or, as it is often the case, no DTT coverage at all. In this case, the consumer must have their DTT decoder swapped out for a DTH satellite version, requiring a new installation in the process.  This is another category of the old bad legacy installations.


7.  My STB has 2 green LED lights but doesn't display any pictures; what should I do?

Sometimes the decoder has landed on a channel that does not have any content playing. Ask the user to flick between different channels and if there is no success, approach the Post Office to report/exchange the decoder.


8.  The STB registered under my mother's name is faulty; can we get a new one even if my mother is deceased?

Yes. Provided it is still within the two year warranty period. An affidavit confirming relationship with the deceased will be required by the Post Office – this is to ensure against fraudulent exchanges.

9.  My mother applied for DTT and passed away afterwards; will we still receive the STB?

No. Decoders are only supplied to living, qualifying South Africans. The prospective applicant will need to lodge in a new application in their name.


10. My STB doesn't have signal; what should I do?

Could be a bad decoder

Could be a bad installation.

Could be that the aerial/dish cable is disconnected at the back of the decoder

Could be that the signal cable from the decoder to the TV is disconnected

Could be that the incorrect input is selected on the TV, User to ensure HDMI to HDMI; AV1 to AV1 on the back of the decoder and TV, matches with selection on the remote.

11. My STB keeps on loading; what should I do?

Power cycle (remove power cable and reconnect after 10 seconds) could be a bad decoder

Could be that the aerial/satellite cable is not connected.


12. I wanted to check if my DTT registration went through because I haven't received any feedback for past 6 months.

See 1 above.


13. My STB doesn't switch on; what can I do?

Check if power is connected at the back of the decoder.

Check if the remote batteries are ok but swopping with known good ones

If no results from above, could be a bad remote or bad decoder

Get to the Post Office branch to check if you qualify for a warranty exchange if there is a hardware fault with the decoder.


14. My STB keeps on loading but it doesn't pick TV channels. What can I do?

Possibly poor or bad signal reception (mainly for DTT) Check 6 and 11 above


15. My STB was struck by lightning, and it’s not switch on and off; what can I do?

Warranty exchange if within the two year warranty. Go t Post Office for exchange.

16. My BUA Africa decoder doesn't pick all the channels; can you please assist me to reset it?

Remove power cable, allow for 10 seconds and reconnect.

If no check, check and ensure proper connections at the back of the decoder.


17. I wanted to know if it would be possible to access some channels that are not appearing on my STB, such as SuperSports.

No. See 3 above. Supersport channels are paid for subscription channels only accessible via Mnet GoTV DTT

decoders. Or alternatively via paid for DSTV satellite decoders.


18. I went to the Post Office to exchange my faulty STB but I was advised that the person who works with STB is not in today; what should I do?

Post Office must provide exchange or advice the user when they can return to get one if not in stock.


19. My STB shows error message "smartcard is inserted incorrectly". What should I do?

Follow the arrow in the smart card and insert according to the displayed direction. If still unsuccessful, report the smart card number for the Call Centre to verify if the card is working or not. Exchange procedure to be followed to replace the card (but maybe this exchange process is not well defined within Sentech...please check internally)


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