SABC Madepossiblebyyou FAQ

Date: Nov 4, 2019

SABC Made possible by you FAQ

SABC #Madepossiblebyyou FAQ


  1. What is #Madepossiblebyyou?

A campaign that will search for twelve unique stories from across the country to reflect how the programming by SABC has affected the lives of everyday people in a bid to encourage South Africans to pay their TV licences.


  1. When does the campaign start?

Monday 4 November 2019


  1. When is the closing date?

Monday 25 November 2019


  1. How can people enter?

Send a video of not more than 1 minute via WhatsApp of yourself telling us about your SABC experience in your home language.

Send the clip to: 079 504 3170 and type in:

    • Name & surname
    • Age
    • Town
    • Province
    • Home language
    • Phone number (if the number you are using is not yours)
    • Email address (if you have one)


  1. Who is allowed to enter?

All South Africans of ages ranging from 14 years upwards. * Minors need parent or legal guardian approval.


  1. Which languages can be used in the video?

Any of the 11 South African official languages can be used in the video.


  1. What age must you be to enter?

14 years upwards. *Minors need parental guardian approval.


  1. How long must the video be?

1 minute


  1. What if the video is longer than 1 minute?

It will be disqualified


  1. Can you submit a video using someone else’s phone?

Yes you can. You must remember to type in your phone number with the other details when you send your video clip.


  1. Can you submit a video on someone else’s behalf?

Yes you can. You must remember to type in their information when you send the video clip.


  1. What happens if I get selected?

You will be contacted by the production team and formerly informed. They will also do a brief phone interview to get to know you better.


  1. How do I know if my video is not selected

If you don’t hear from the team after 6 weeks of sending your entry, consider it unsuccessful.


  1. What do I win?

If your story is selected as part of the final 12, it be recorded and broadcast on SABC TV and radio stations.

  1. Will I get paid?

No. There is no payment for these stories. But you will get the opportunity to appear on Radio and Television

  1. How many stories will be selected in the end?

12 stories will be selected


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